Fifth International Conference on Computational Models of Argument

September 9th - 12th 2014

Invited Speakers

We are delighted to announce that the invited speakers for COMMA 2014 will be:

Diane Litman Professor of Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Portrait of Diane Litman Diane Litman is Professor of Computer Science, Senior Scientist with the Learning Research and Development Center, and faculty with the Graduate Program in Intelligent Systems, all at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Litman's current research focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of educational technology through the use of spoken and natural language processing. Active projects include teaching writing and argumentation with AI-supported diagramming and peer review, spoken tutorial dialogue systems, and automated essay assessment. Dr. Litman has been Chair of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, and has been awarded Senior Member status by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

Guillermo Simari Professor of AI & Logic in Computer Science, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina

Guillermo Simari Full Professor, Artificial Intelligence and Logic for Computer Science, Universidad Nacional del Sur in Bahia Blanca Argentina, Chair of the Institute for Computer Science and Engineering. Ph.D. from Washington University, USA. His research focus is on the formal foundations, and effective implementation, of Defeasible Reasoning Systems for Autonomous Agents and is carried out as the leader of the AI R&D Laboratory where several lines of research are pursued: Argumentation, Reasoning under Uncertainty, Belief Revision, Computational Logic, Reasoning on the Web, and E-Governance. The Lab is also involved in applied research and development in multi-agent systems and robotics for a wide range of applications of interest to government and industry.

Rineke Verbrugge Chair of Logic and Cognition, University of Groningen, Netherlands

Portrait of Rineke Verbrugge Rineke Verbrugge received an MSc (cum laude) and a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Amsterdam. She was post-doc at the Universities of Prague and Gothenburg and assistant professor at MIT and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. From 1997, she has worked at the University of Groningen's Institute of Artificial Intelligence, since 2009 as full professor of Logic and Cognition. Rineke Verbrugge has published more than 140 research papers and some books. She is associate editor of the Journal of Logic, Language and Information. She has been program chair of several conferences and ESSLLI. She currently leads a Vici grant on social cognition.